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Are your Beneficiaries Protected?

Planning your affairs can appear daunting. With so many options, laws and regulations to consider, it’s easy to become frustrated and confused.  Ensuring that the path for your loved ones is seamless after your death requires the help of an experienced law firm.

At Pierson & Pierson, we work to help you understand the choices available to you and assist you in carrying out your wishes in the most efficient way possible.

When it comes to making important decisions, having the best advice and resources is the key to your success. Partnering with a firm that is experienced in preparing Wills, Trusts, Estates, Probate Administration and Contracts can give you peace of mind.

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Law Practice Areas


Estate Planning

We will guide you through decisions about planning for wealth transmission, including estate, gift, and income tax planning.


Probate Services

We provide step-by-step guidance through the estate administration process in Maryland. If you have been appointed personal representative or executor of an estate, we can help you understand your responsibilities and work with you through the probate process.


Trust Administration

We provide guidance to trustees and trust beneficiaries in understanding their rights and responsibilities under Maryland law.


Contract Assistance

We assist corporate and individual clients in drafting and review of agreements in commercial transactions, loans, real estate contracts, and leases.


Nonprofit Organizations

We have expertise in helping nonprofits especially assisting in obtaining tax-exempt status. We have deep experience with administration of charitable foundations, including regulatory compliance, tax filings, and international grantmaking.


Additional Services

We assist clients in other transactional law areas, such as assistance with for profit entities.

Why Clients Choose Us?

For over 80 years, it has been our priority to help Baltimore families, businesses, and organizations with future planning, legal services, and navigation through complex legal matters 

related to probate, estate planning, wills, trusts, and contract agreements. Protect yourself with competent assistance from a trusted Law Firm that puts your needs first. Call us today.

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    Not Sure If You Need An Estate Plan?

    Some Reasons Why Future Planning Is Important


    1. Making Sure Your Wishes are Carried Out After You Die

    Proper planning allows you to have your wishes carried out after you die, including who will receive your assets, who will be in charge of carrying out your wishes, and who will be the guardian of your children.  Properly drafted documents can help ensure that your wishes are carried out as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

    2. Easing the Burden on Your Loved Ones

    Dealing with finances of a disabled parent or handling the estate of a deceased loved can be emotional burden. Proper advance planning can smooth the path and lessen that burden significantly.

    3. Making Sure That Your Estate Plan Is Tax Efficient

    Proper planning can result in significant savings of death taxes that are paid by your estate and your beneficiaries.

    4. Making Sure That You Are Able to Choose Who Can Make Health Care and Financial Decisions as You Age

    With the right documents in place, you can decide who will make health care and financial decisions for you when you are no longer able to make those decisions for yourself.